Thursday, June 30, 2011

Purty Flawrs...

I love it when these wild flowers pop up unexpectedly in the yard. I believe they are rain lilies. Evidently, they grow from bulbs, but we've never planted any rain lily bulbs. I also see them here and there around the neighborhood in odd places. They seem to just spring up randomly in the middle of grassy areas.

 I just read on tha interwebz that you can actually order bulbs for them, and that they're relatively easy to grow. Hmmm... maybe we should consider getting some and spreading them around like a smile.


  1. That's the most beautiful wildflower I've ever seen!

  2. Colorful and unexpected. Perfect combo.

  3. Never heard of a rain lily.....could they be daylilies?? They look like a variety of daylily to me (there are literally hundreds of varieties!). They are bulbs and do seem to be "wild" cause they die back in the winter then just pop back up every year in the spring. I planted a few outside of my apartment in TN and when they came back this spring, I swear they were on steroids and I didn't do anything but throw a little fertilizer on them. Never watered them except for a few times when I first planted them. Check out this site: I have been to this farm a couple of times. Beautiful gardens with flowers!

  4. Hey Leigh Leigh.... nope, it's not a daylily. Rain lilies are smaller I believe. Same family as daylilies, I'm sure, but not the same flower. Those day lilies on the Oakes Day Lilies site are gorgeous, by the way!