Wednesday, June 8, 2011

At least the glasses LOOK cool...

We recently went to the movies to see them thar pirates. It was okay... some light summer fluff. Nothing to write home (or blog) about but a fun romp nonetheless. However, I DO have a gripe about 3D.

Don't get me wrong... 3D can be fun to watch (How To Train Your Dragon and even Despicable Me benefited from 3D effects), but if the film is in 3D just for the sake being in 3D, it's just not worth it. Unfortunately, it seems almost every new release is in 3D these days, whether it actually adds to the film or not. Most of the really 3D bits in the new Pirates flick seemed gimmicky and trite. Oooh... a sword is pointed right you. Oooh... some rifles are pointed right at you. Stuff like that, which seemed almost like an afterthought. It's as if Hollywood mandates that there be some 3D content in all new movies or something, so the producers and directors oblige with some easy run-of-the-mill comin'-at-ya schlock. Not only that, but with the 3D glasses on, the images on the screen looked pretty murky, especially in the darker, shadowy scenes. I found myself frequently lifting the glasses up away from my eyes so I could see better. It was really kind of annoying. Wonder if they can come up with 3D glasses that aren't tinted... maybe that would help with the whole dark and murky thing.

We only opted to see it in 3D because the non-3D version had a later show time. We won't make that mistake again. Why pay an extra $4 or $5 for the 3D glasses when the effects are kinda cheesy and it makes the overall image quality so much worse? Kind of a rip-off if you ask me.

Sorry, Green Lantern... we'll be seeing in you in regular ol' 2D, thank you very much. Same goes for you, Harry Potter.

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