Thursday, April 28, 2011

A mile wide.

That's how unbelievably huge the biggest tornado was that hit near Tuscaloosa, Alabama yesterday. I don't personally know anyone in that area, but just seeing the images on the news is gut wrenching. Between the recent major earthquakes in the world, the tsunami disaster in Japan, the flooding in Australia a few months ago, the increased unrest in the Middle East and the crazy spring weather here in the States, I'm beginning to wonder if that Mayan "2012" prediction could be true.

And what if it is? Not much we can do about it, so might as well try to enjoy life while we're here, right? Cuz ya never know when a twister - real or metaphorical - will wipe away everything you have.

Condolences to the people affected by the "Super Outbreak" of tornadoes this year.

Gotta start somewhere, I guess.

So... not that anyone may follow it, but I finally started the blog. Been thinking about it for quite a while now, and  recent events have conspired to prompt me to pull the trigger. I've so enjoyed following our pal Chris's 730 Day in Penang, and thought a blog might be a natural extension of the Friday Random Thought emails I send to my pals each week. Yeah... I know... I get longwinded in those at times, but the FRT has been my way of trying to keep in touch with such a diverse group of friends.

And so... enter the blog. Been considering starting one for a long time now, but never really thought about it long enough to figure out what to call it, what to write about, whether it should be anonymous, blah blah blah. As to the aforementioned recent events, well... aside from unusual and/or interesting events in my personal life, there's the Neilson family's blog about their adventures in Penang, combined with my back-burner nagging to just write, and frequent encounters with articles that encourage would-be writers to "just write SOMETHING every day". Now, it's extremely unlikely that I'll actually write something every day... my days are as hectic and busy as everyone else's, and I luxuriate in my downtime... so if I actually keep at this blog, it will probably be haphazardly. But lately, with the crazy goings on in the world in general, I find myself wondering quite often, "Is it just me?". And so I thought I'd try putting it out there somewhere, maybe to see if it really IS just me.

Anyway, there will be more to come. At least until I get bored, or lose interest, or find blogging just a waste of time and energy, But for now, I'll be wondering... is it just me?