Wednesday, June 1, 2011


So... I think the only thing worse than the time drag on the afternoon before a long holiday weekend may be surviving that time drag, and then falling under the weather for the entire long holiday weekend. I rarely get sick... just my luck it happens for the first time in two or three years over Memorial Day weekend. Sucks to be me sometimes.

It also occurred to me yesterday that as miserable as getting sick in the winter is, it's maybe 20 times worse having that thick-headed, fatigued, stuffy cough-y feeling when it's 95 freakin' degrees out. Just can't get comfortable. Or is it just me?

Ah well. Could be worse. And I'm already on the mend. Just a shame this cold or whatever it is had to spoil our enjoyment of the holiday weekend. No cookout, no s'mores, no beach, no movies... just mostly bed and cough syrup. There's always 4th of July, I guess. Summer is just gettin' started!

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