Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Still Undecided

I still haven't decided what this blog will be, and whether or not I will keep it anonymous. Not really a big deal, but I'm uncomfortable putting a lot of personal info out there on tha interwebz. You never know who might be looking, or who might take advantage of that info. And besides all that, who the heck wants to know what I'm doing day to day? It's not like I lead an overly exciting life! (Although it HAS been interesting, and my past IS oh-so-lightly checkered.) It's not nearly as interesting as our pals' over at the 730 Days in Penang blog (730daysinpenang.blogspot.com). Now THAT day to day stuff is actually interesting and fun to read!

I will tell you this, though.... I'd be watching a hockey playoff game right now except my husband is watching it and I can't be in the same room with him while the game is on. He shrieks expletives at the TV with venomous passion, and it just sets me on edge. It's not the language I object to... I've got quite a potty mouth of my own... it's the overwhelming negativity and vehemence with which his expletives are uttered. It's very unattractive. Maybe I have some hippy tendencies, but I just can't stand it. I'm trying to be a positive person and keep my personal space as peaceful as I can. (I deal with enough stress at work.) So I usually end up wandering off to another room and find something else to do. The dog doesn't like it either. Makes him nervous, all that yelling. And really, I just think it's stupid. Why scream at the TV when they can't hear you, your wife doesn't want to hear you, and it doesn't change anything? Why not just take a deep breath and let the bad calls, bad plays and bad attitude go? Find another way to release that pent up aggression.

At least I can usually tell how the game is going. :)

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