Monday, September 19, 2011

Preparing to Become a Temporary Spud

Gonna be watching a lot of TV in the next two or three weeks. The fall season is upon us, with new episodes and new shows. CBS starts it off for us tonight, with the return of How I Met Your Mother and Two and a Half Men. I don't know how long I'll bother to watch the Men... I'd kinda lost interest in it a season or two ago... but I'm looking forward to seeing how they kill off Charlie and bring in Ashton Kutcher's character. Not a big fan of Kutcher's either. Angus T. Jones (Jake) and Conchata Ferrell (Berta) are the best part of the show these days if you ask me.

After all the "Tiger Blood" and "Winning" hoopla and the rest of Charlie Sheen's mental meltdown craziness this summer, it was nice to see him last night on the Emmy Award show, looking sober and healthy (though a bit too thin). Kudos to him for wishing his former cast members success with the show. I kept waiting for the sucker punch, but it looks like he was actually sincere. Bless his heart, maybe he really has gotten himself together.

Photo: Mario Anzuoni / Reuters

Speaking of the Emmy Awards, the nominees for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series stole the show with their pageant finalists gimmick. High-larious! And did you catch Martha Plimpton in that lineup? She looked absolutely STUNNING in that gorgeous dress! She's come a long way since The Goonies!

You go, Martha!

AP Photo: Chris Pizzello

Martha in "The Goonies"
Warner Bros. 1985

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