Monday, November 23, 2015

Let Me Be Brave...

Quick update on the Mini Doctor Who and Halloween.... we had a total of FOUR trick-or-treaters, and the Doctor was not among them, so we're guessing he was off on other adventures. Maybe we'll see him next year.

In another Doctor Who related post, if you're a fan and you watched this past Saturday, you know that Clara Oswald was killed off. We all knew it was coming... the character's death was confirmed earlier this season when they shot the episode that just aired. So no surprise that it happened.

But is just me, or is it kinda lame that Clara was killed off on a technicality? I mean really... just because of some contract paperwork with the "Quantum Shade" involving the transfer of the countdown death tattoo from Rigsy to her? I'm calln' BS.

Seems an exception could have been made in light of the fact that no murder had ever occurred to warrant a death penalty on Rigsy in the first place. Wouldn't the lack of the actual offense make the death penalty contract null and void, whether it had been passed on or not? Plus, the ever bratty Ashildr, aka Me, aka Mayor Me, guaranteed the safety of Clara Oswald earlier in the episode. So that ticks me off. (If you don't watch the show, I know you probably have no idea what the heck I'm talking about. And yes, apparently I have become a Whovian nerd.)

That being said, we also know from reports that Clara Oswald will make a return appearance "in some form" in the series, according to showrunner Steven Moffat. So... maybe her death isn't permanent. After all, she and Missy were both "killed" by daleks earlier this season. And what about Orson Pink, the great-grandson of Clara and Danny Pink, who we met in an episode last season? How could he exist if Clara is permanently dead now? And was she already pregnant with Danny Pink's child before he was killed last season, or is there some kind of undead afterlife that she will meet him in now?  So many wormholes one could go down, eh?

All that aside, I thought Clara handled the situation with grace and dignity. She took ownership of her reckless action that put her in the situation, and did her best to absolve Rigsy of any guilt. She also made the Doctor promise not to seek revenge against Ashildr... though I'm hoping he doesn't keep that promise. Then she stepped out to meet the Raven on her own.

Her final words seem to be a perfect metaphor or mantra for all of us as we meet our own "ravens" and other challenges throughout our lives.... "Let me be brave.... let me be brave."

Well done, Clara Oswald. We'll miss you.

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