Saturday, May 4, 2013

So Far, So Good!

How did another month go by without a post from me? I know you've been waiting breathlessly! (Yes, I DO hear those crickets chirping.)

How am I supposed to get any work done
with THIS under my desk?
Freelance work has continued to keep me busy. I'm happy to report that I've actually been able to earn a living (so far) as an independent freelancer. Don't get me wrong... I'm still stressing about earning enough to pay the bills, but I'm starting to relax a little because I've got a couple good clients who have sent me a fairly steady workflow. In fact, I've so busy I still haven't had a chance to finish updating my portfolio and get my self employment biz stuff in order, other than filing my self employment tax a few days before the April 15th deadline. (Oh joy... I get to write that big fat check to the US treasury three more times this year! Ouch!). And I haven't yet had the time or wherewithal to put together a comfortable workspace... I set up the "Big Mac" on my old drawing table in the spare bedroom. Not exactly comfortable, but at least it's functional for now.

Every time I think it's slowing down and I try to take a day to catch my breath and catch up on domestic chores, things get busy again! The house is usually a bit of a mess, as I've only had time to keep up with the necessary tasks like doing the dishes, laundry and grocery shopping when we run out of something.

A recent Tuesday afternoon with a pal.... Lingering over
chips & guacamole and an ice cold cerveza. Lovely.
But I've also enjoyed some of the perks of being my own boss. Though I've had to pull some late nights to do it, I've been able to take an afternoon off here and there to enjoy with pals, and I even took the whole day off (well, most of it anyway) and spent it with Mr. Remarkable Monkey on our recent 10-year anniversary. Even if it's just an extended lunch hour with a friend, it's been great not having to stick to office hours.

My "assistant", taking his duties seriously.
It's hard work making sure the futon doesn't float away
in case there's an interruption in gravity service!
Plus, I have an excellent assistant. He's not very productive and doesn't get much done other than making sure the floor doesn't move, but he helps keep the stress levels down. We both enjoy our afternoon "board meetings" in the park.

Ya know, I think this freelance thing might suit me! Fingers crossed I can continue to find enough work to get the bills paid.

So far, so good!

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