Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sometimes, Life is Just Peachy!

A friend of mine has been living in South Carolina for the past year, and she moved back to our area this week. On Wednesday night, she sent me a text from the road....

"Dude, I scored some fresh picked SC peaches on my way out of town. Last of the season! Who loves ya?!"

As good fortune would have it, SHE loves me.... I met her for lunch today and she brought me some of those SC peaches! A friend who will share her last stash of fresh South Carolina peaches with you is a good and true friend indeed!

You might be thinking, "SC peaches? But isn't Georgia the Peach State? What's the big deal, Monkey?"

Feast your eyes on this peachy treasure!
If you're thinking that, you've obviously never enjoyed a fresh, tree-ripened South Carolina peach. There is nothing like it in the world! Don't get me wrong... Georgia peaches are delicious. But they've got NOTHING on a good SC peach! The flavor of a SC peach just seems more... peachy, more juicy, more sweet-tart... as if everything that makes a peach taste good is concentrated into one delectable fuzzy little package. A fresh ripe SC peach from a roadside stand puts any of the grocery store peaches to shame. They are heavenly.

She also brought me a couple jars of the homemade peach jam she made earlier in the season. Mr. RM and I demolished the jar she sent us a couple months ago. Best peach jam I've ever had... entirely too scrumptious for words.

I grew up in the south, and while I love living here in Tampa Bay, I do sorely miss things like fresh-picked SC peaches, which are hard to find here. So to the divine Ms. L, you have my undying gratitude for this most generous gift! Should you ever find yourself in need of a kidney, or a limb, I will happily offer up one of mine. It would be a paltry thanks in return for these rosy-hued gems of succulent lusciousness!

Now please excuse me while I find a napkin to wipe the juice from my chin....

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