Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What's Her Secret?

I saw Carole King on the Today Show this morning while I was getting ready for work. She was on to promote her new book, "A Natural Woman: A Memoir". While I don't really consider myself a big Carole King fan, I definitely recognize and admire her immense talent. So I paused to watch part of the segment while I was brushing my teeth.

Carole King - Photo borrowed from
somewhere on the internet
Let me tell you something: That woman looks AMAZING!! I don't know if she's had work done... my mom thinks so, but she looked pretty natural to me. (Is she REALLY a Natural Woman, for real?) At first, I was just admiring her hair. I was thinking that my hair is somewhat similar in style, though not as curly, and I sometimes debate whether or not I should color it now that there are more than a few grays in there. So seeing a much grayer (and curlier) version looking fabulous on Carole King confirmed (for now) my decision to avoid coloring it.

I didn't realize she was 70 years old until they mentioned it as I was admiring her mature-yet-cool hair. I very nearly dropped my toothbrush! That woman doesn't look a day over 55! And then I had to go back into the bathroom to finish brushing my teeth. In front of the big bathroom mirror. ***siiiiigh*** I still have more than couple dozen years before I'm Carole King's age, but this morning I looked tired, and a little old. (To be fair, I WAS tired... I haven't slept well the past few nights.)

I wanna know Carole King's secret to looking youthful. I'm sure I'll probably never find out... it's doubtful our social circles will ever intertwine. But I hope time will be as kind to me as it seems to have been to her. She just looks natural... healthy, happy, and so comfortable in her own skin. Maybe THAT's the secret. 

As for coloring away my grays? Nah... I've earned every single one of those little bitches. I'm keeping 'em. (At least for now.)

ADDENDUM: Lots of buzz in the media about celebrities and plastic surgery to remain looking youthful. First of all, how is that news? But mostly, kudos to Ashley Judd for standing up for herself and against the ridiculous criticisms of women's appearances everywhere. You go, girl!!! I think you look fabulous.

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