Thursday, July 7, 2011

Horrible Bosses was not horrible...

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I had an opportunity to attend a preview screening of the movie Horrible Bosses last night. Not bad for a comedic summer flick. I mean, sure... it's one of those mostly guy-centric movies, but there was plenty in it that I found funny as well.

The three main characters, each enjoyably well-played by Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudekis, have distinct personalities and issues caused by their respective employers. As for the bosses, no surprise that Kevin Spacey turns in another scathing performance as a raging asshole... he's done it so well before and doesn't disappoint in this role. Colin Farrell is convincing as an overindulged, degenerate cokehead son who inherits his father's business. But the real surprise is Jennifer Aniston as a debauched sexual harasser.

Jennifer Aniston has always had a somewhat wholesome image, so I could hardly believe the shockingly raunchy phrases she was uttering as her character... and that's what made it so funny! I'm not even sure it was TRULY funny, but her porn-star-worthy vulgarity was so comical and unexpected given that it was coming from her. I'm guessing there will be a lot of young men with completely new fantasies about her after viewing this film. (Or maybe not so new... I don't know what goes on in the minds of young men these days, and I'm not sure I really want to!)

I don't think any other actress could have pulled off that role successfully. Ms. Aniston, who has always exuded a bit of a "girl next door" charm, has also generally given the impression that she doesn't take herself too seriously. She always seemed to have an underlying current that hinted at a wicked sense of humor. I think that's what really gives her the edge in this role, and in it she is wicked, indeed! Kudos to her for taking on such a portentous role and working it with aplomb! 

Horrible Bosses is unlikely to be in Oscar contention, but it's worth at least a matinee ticket if you enjoy movies of this genre. It opens tomorrow (Friday, July 8th). Just don't bring the kiddies!

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